Decolonizing Delta County School District is a platform for students, faculty, alumni, parents and community members t to advocate for racial and social justice and equity in Delta County School District .

Last June of 2020 after the murder of George Floyd, two local alumni of color — Marisa Edmondson and Jordan Evans — penned a letter to Delta County School District in which they outlined eight ways in which the school district could better support their students of color and begin to address racist culture in the district. This initiative was the start of Decolonizing Delta County School District.

As former students of color, Jordan and Marisa were painfully aware of the toxic, racist and harmful culture both experienced the lack of an inclusive and supportive culture at Delta County Schools. And through this letter they hope to provide a voice to the marginalized members of the community and ensure that future students will find that DCSD is an inclusive and safe space for all.

Through local advocacy work, community education and mentorship, Decolonizing Delta County School District aims to offer support to marginalized students while actively advocating for justice within the school district and wider community.

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We believe that it’s time for Delta County to actively take steps to foster and support a safe learning environment for Black students and other students of color, and to include curriculum to help our students build their capacity to understand and confront racism as well as contribute to a just and equal society.