Our names are Marisa Edmondson and Jordan Evans and we are alumni of Paonia High School. We are writing on behalf of many alumni of Delta County School District.

Marisa Edmondson

Marisa Edmondson was raised in Paonia, Colorado and graduated from Paonia High School in 2016. She then studied political science and Arabic at Middlebury College in Vermont where she ran track and field and was involved in social justice organizations like Students for Justice for Palestine. Marisa graduated with her degree in 2020 and moved back to Paonia where she co-founded Decolonizing Delta County School District in an effort to bring awareness to issues of racial justice that Black, Indigenous and other people of color face in Delta County Schools. Along withThe Learning Council, Decolonizing DCSD has been at the forefront of the movement to push for CRT, and policy changes that will protect BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students. Marisa also helped start DC CARES (Delta County Coalition Advocating for Radically Equitable Spaces) in an effort to further the work of racial and social justice in the wider community of Delta County.

Growing up in Delta County as a 2nd generation Latina, Marisa understands the challenges that students of color face in Delta County. She hopes to be able to rally her community to fight for more inclusive, safe and equitable spaces for the next generation of BIPOC students.

Marisa currently lives in Washington DC where she works as a Digital Assistant for a governmental advocacy organization. In her free time Marisa enjoys rafting, biking, hiking, swimming and volunteering with mutual aid organizations. She still remains dedicated to fighting for Justice in Delta County and continues to organize and run Decolonizing DCSD remotely. 

Jordan Evans

Jordan has called the North Fork Valley home for the past nine years. She is 1 out of 6 kids and graduated from Vision Charter Academy. Throughout high school she was a member of the Paonia High School Swing Choir and cross country team. Jordan is currently a senior at Eastern University in Philadelphia where she is studying holistic nursing. When she isn’t working or studying, you can find Jordan spending time with friends and family or out exploring nature.

Jordan is beyond proud of how much Decolonizing Delta County School District has grown since June 2020 and is amazed at the strides the community and team have made to secure a safe and just environment for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students in Delta County.