Our Initiatives

The Diversity Library

On Jan 7th after over 5 months of research, fundraising, and work, DDCSD and The Learning Council were able to present our first installment of the “Diversity Library” to Delta County School District.

We have curated 154 books by BIPOC authors which center BIPOC / LGBTQIA communities! We are so excited for students to have access to these resources! In addition we spent the past few months writing a curriculum guide which includes all of these book & how teachers can implement them into their current curriculum.

BIPOC voices & history are so rarely centered in literature, history & we think its absolutely essential that we change that by uplifting BIPOC voices, stories & history.

We are still accepting donations as we hope to make a second installment. Donations can be made via Venmo, @The-LearningCouncil.

Comprehensive Sex Ed

Decolonizing Delta County School District has partnered with The Learning Council to advocate for comprehensive sex Ed to be taught in our school district.

We support young women of color and their classmates by advocating for comprehensive sexual health education in our school district. Several years ago, Delta County School District faced a lawsuit for teaching Christian-based abstinence-only sexual health education in our public schools. Because they were not aligned with Colorado academic standards required by the Colorado Department of Education, they withdrew all district-wide sex ed from schools. Since then, there has not been a sexual health education curriculum in schools.

Since the lawsuit several years ago, we have been advocating for adapting a curriculum that is comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and trauma informed. We especially want students and women of color to receive comprehensive sexual health education for the wellbeing of themselves and the community. We have helped piece together an advisory committee with medical doctors, clinic directors, health teachers, and school principles to help push this initiative forward.

However, Delta County School District has failed to adopt a comprehensive sex education curriculum because it means they must have curriculum that in inclusive and comprehensive of the LGBTQ community. We will continue to advocate for the inclusion and safety of our LGBTQ+ students who have historically been harmed by the school district.


We are thrilled to be growing our work & joining the DC CARES coalition. DC CARES is a coalition of individuals, organizations & business who are committed to advocating for social & racial justice here in delta county!

DC CARES stands for Delta County Citizens Advocating for Radially Equitable Spaces. Our goal is to build a coalition of businesses and organizations in Delta County that are committed to justice, anti-racism, and dismantling systems of oppression. Members of the coalition will use their political, social and economic power to advocate for racial and social justice in our community and local politics.